Report – Opportunities in the UK heat networks market

The United Kingdom has one of the most ambitious climate targets in Europe. The targets will require reducing domestic emissions by at least 3 per cent a year. Within energy for heating, the British government has concluded that shifting towards heat network-based infrastructure is the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions as well as enabling sustainable heating for the future. Heat Networks now releases a report on opportunities in the UK heat networks market and options for entry.

A supplier's perspective on the UK heat networks market

In October 2015, the Swedish Energy Agency and Business Sweden initiated a discussion on how Sweden could support suppliers in easing access to the opportunities on the UK district heating market. The discussion resulted in a two-year project launched in 2016 named Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden.

The report release is part of the larger project to support Swedish suppliers to access business opportunities in the UK heat networks market. The report is developed to act as an introduction to the UK market from the supplier’s perspective by mapping stakeholders in the construction of a heat network, segmenting customers and outlining business opportunities. The aim is to illustrate to Swedish suppliers; the structure of the UK market, opportunities for Swedish businesses and possible pathways for Swedish companies to enter the market and grow a successful business in the UK. This report is based on interviews with about 30 key opinion leaders in the UK heat networks industry, ranging from Government offices, Local Authorities, energy operators, consultants, component suppliers and industry associations. The report is also based on interviews with Swedish suppliers already established in the UK as well as relevant Swedish industry associations. Interviews were carried out during the first and second quarter of 2016.

You can download the full report in the right-hand menu.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Heat Networks, we are happy to have a dialogue with you on this report and the latest UK district energy market insights.

Heat Networks – Sustainability by Sweden is a joint Swedish government and industry-led initiative with the aim to assist colleagues in the UK who are considering heat networks as the way forward for their future heating needs. It comprises around 35 leading Swedish suppliers of technology and services of heat networks, supported by the Swedish Energy Agency, Business Sweden, Nordic Heat and Sweheat and Cooling.

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