International: Promoting Swedish District Heating & Cooling Tech in China

Business Sweden, together with SweHeat & Cooling and the Embassy of Sweden, have over the course of more than 6 years been organising district energy roadshow conferences around China - now they have compiled some of their gathered insights from that work.

Swedish opportunities in China

Business Sweden, in close collaboration with Embassy of Sweden and SweHeat & Cooling, has been arranging 14 district heating/cooling roadshow conferences in China from 2012 to 2018 in twelve cities.

A well-structured district heating and cooling promotion plan for year 2019 is required to coordinate the promotional activities. The plan shall also support a long-term ambition to promote Swedish district energy expertise in China.

The Swedish Energy Agency, Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden and SweHeat & Cooling are working closely in performing a market evaluation and creating a district heating/cooling promotional plan for 2019 based on understanding of the Chinese market and Swedish offerings. The intent is to update this plan for 2020 onwards on a yearly basis.

Please find to the right the link to download the 2019 report, along with invitations to upcoming roadshows in China for Swedish companies –>

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