2019, November 19 - 2019, November 19

URBAN TECH SWEDEN in cooperation with Nordic Heat and The Heat Academy

Workshop: Affordable solutions for capturing and distributing low temperature There is an urgent need to develop affordable small-scale district heating solutions based on low temperature heat sources. At this workshop we will do a thorough analysis of design, technologies available, installation-, maintenance- and operation costs and the existing commercial offer.
The discussion will be focusing on a selection of concrete heat projects currently underway in the UK. The aim is to explore the opportunities for engaging Swedish suppliers in a business innovation initiative to develop a competitive system solution targeting low temperature heat projects in the UK and beyond.


  • Detailed presentation of projects underway
    • London – Transport for London – Underground Heat
    • Bridgend – Caerau – Mine Heat
    • Nottingham – D2Grids – Mine Heat
  • Review of main cost drivers
  • Access opportunities for cutting costs
  • How to achieve cost reductions in practice
  • Opportunities for collaboration on developing a bundled system solution resources – applying for public funding to a business development project
  • Preparing commercial workshops with project teams in Bridgend, London and Nottingham
  • Priorities and next steps

For detailed information about the workshop please contact – Peter Anderberg at pa@nordheat.eu


19th November at 10-14, including lunch


Näringslivets Hus Storgatan 19 (T-bana Östermalmstorg) Stockholm



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