2020, September 4 - 2020, September 6

IEA International Conference Stockholm

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Pre-conference day –
3 September, 2020:

Horizontal and Vertical Methods of Change

Tom and Russ will offer a special workshop applying knowledge of the Enneagram to personal transformation. The workshop will explore two different directions to change and development – Horizontal and Vertical.

Horizontal Change focuses on developing new skills—personal, professional, and relational; acquiring different behaviors, practices and ways of solving real world problems. We learn to strengthen our inner resources to help us lead more satisfying, successful and complete lives.

Vertical Change is about arriving at a deeper understanding of who we really are—realizing we are different and much more than our personality and self-concept. We discover many unsuspected capacities, but also how we are driven by largely unconscious patterns.

Vertical development asks that we dive deep below our usual threshold of awareness, to discover and loosen the feelings, energies and core experiences that hold our Enneagram patterns in place.

Russ and Tom will offer powerful methods to relax the grip of these unconscious holding patterns, to evoke and amplify your direct sensory experience of presence and essence.

Do you want to present at the conference? 

Read here what to do!

We aim at high-quality and qualified international presenters for this conference. In your written application we then look for:

  • Presentation – duration 90 minutes

  • Clarity in the description of the topic, objectives, and methods.

  • A realistic relationship between the stated objectives and the given time.

  • Innovative approaches – does it offer something new in the Enneagram community.

  • The knowledge, experience, and competence of the presenter/presenters.

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  • Early bird – until Jan 15, 2020 – SEK 4990

  • Pre-conference – SEK 1790

  • Standard price conference – SEK 5990

  • Group discounts available – email for information

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