2019, November 14 - 2019, November 14

District Energy Vanguards Network | Heat Networks: Planning for a Zero Carbon World | Bristol

The UK District Energy Vanguards Network is hosting a free one-day workshop in Bristol on Tuesday 19 November 2019 that will help local authorities to consider how planning, spatial strategies and heat network development and management can help to shape a zero carbon future.

More than half of UK local authorities have declared a Climate Emergency and the drive to cut carbon emissions has never been stronger. Heat networks have always presented opportunities for carbon savings, but how will they remain competitive in a zero carbon world? What should you be thinking about if you’re developing a new network? And how do you ensure that existing assets are flexible and adaptable to a “post-gas” future?

On the day we will explore the changing drivers for heat networks in a zero carbon world, share experiences of the role, potential and power of planning as a driver of change, and identify strategies and tools to enable the development of future-proof heat networks.

The day promises to be interactive and engaging, with discussions, debate and the opportunity to network with local authority peers and learn from your collective experience. The event has been made possible by our lead sponsors Vattenfall and our further sponsors FVB, Natural Power and Switch2.

Register today by clicking here! 

Please note, that this event is intended for local authorities, social housing and/or public sector persons.

If you would like any further information, please contact Liz Warren, SE2 Ltd, on 020 8469 1333 or email liz.warren@se-2.co.uk.

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